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Hey there! Glad you are here! I am sure you want to learn more about what Financial Coaching is and why you might need it, so let's dive in!

Financial Coaching is about sharing resources and teaching strategies on how to use your money to live your best life. This can be anything from ways to organize your money, to budgeting, to money mindset issues that you were unaware of holding you back. Hiring a financial coach can help you spend less hours in front of a computer searching how to do these things and more time spent on activities you truly enjoy!

Financial coaching can honestly be beneficial to everyone. Many people are not taught strategies on how to manage your own money. And even if you are taught, maybe those strategies are antiquated or just do not resonate with you. And so begins the cycle of budgeting and then finding yourself scraping the whole thing after two weeks! I know, because I have been there!

If you are feeling lost and a bit hopeless that you will "never" be able to save money or pay down debt, I want to assure you there is hope! I believe it is possible and I would love the opportunity to show you how, without having to cut out all the things you love, like your daily morning coffee ;)

If you are not ready or sure if this is for you schedule a FREE call with me!

Visit the Enlighten Session page to find out more about what I have to offer!

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