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Enlighten Session

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About the Session

What is it?

Serving individuals and couples alike, the Enlighten Session is a one time, one-on- one meeting with a coach. Our focus is to work with you finding solutions to your main financial pain points. Together we will create a Spending Plan and a Focus List aimed at helping you reach your financial goals. 


What to expect...

  1. Book the Enlighten Session

  2. Create a plan that aligns with the things you want most

  3. Take Action!

Shortly after booking the Enlighten Session you will receive an email detailing the information needed prior to your session.  During our session, we will work towards creating a spending plan and an action plan that will help guide you day to day. Last but certainly not least, take action! These plans are an excellent starting point to feeling comfortable with your money. You may choose to take it from here or decide to continue receiving guidance and support.

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You got this!

You will gain all this knowledge and clarity in 2 hours! And as a result, you may be able to take that vacation, pay down that debt and spend that paycheck intentionally for the ultimate freedom to live life on your terms!

Still have questions or unsure if this is for you? Schedule a free 15 minute Q&A Call here

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